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Tim Dodson
Born in California
34 years
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Jennifer Grisham friend May 12, 2012
Tim, you are one of the funniest people I have ever known, and you always made it so very hard to be serious! I loved your wide array of impressions, and the perfect timing in which you used them. I appreciate the way you jumped on board in a helpful and giving spirit, and you will be missed. I pray that the girls will see these memories, and mixed with their own, will be able to recall the fierce father you were, and the devoted husband you were to their mother. As you are watching over them, please know that we will be beside them in the years to come.  They will be loved and cared for.
Lee Dodson Brother May 10, 2012

What can I say about Tim, Well he was a very unique person he liked doing things his way and no other way but that is just how he was and he would not have been him if he was not that way. He was an intellectual person that really loved to talk about things that he had an interest in and he would research it to the ends of the earth. He became part of my life when he was born, we shared a room and grew up together I think in a lot of ways we were polar opposites but that’s what made it fun for both of us. I never felt like his uncle I felt like I had a little brother which I had always wanted after being the youngest of 3 before Tim and the only boy well you can figure out the rest. When Tim entered my life I was finally saying I have a little brother that I will always love protect and be there for. In closing I just want to say TIM will be missed very dearly but he will never ever be forgotten, I love you Tim and miss you from the bottom of my heart.

Janet Garmon My cousin cont.. May 8, 2012
Sorry for the political blurp. I just really miss Tim.
Janet Garmon My Cousin May 8, 2012
I always loved Tim. I remember singing and dancing with him when he was a little boy. He was the cutest little boy. He had the most beautiful blue eyes! He was so smart too. I really loved packing him around.  I never got to see him as much as I wanted to even after he grew up. I remember having talks with him and he was so enjoyable to talk to and there never seemed to be enough time to talk to him. My Dad who was Tim's Great Uncle loved to go fishing with Tim and Raymond and Lee. He took pictures of Tim and Raymond and Lee with fish and I still have them in my keepsake box of special pictures my Dad had on the wall in his garage.  I just went to Texas last month and was hoping I could get over to see him and his family.  He was so friendly and welcoming and said I was welcome to come visit anytime.  People say he had a crude humor, but Tim was kind and I love him for it.
                           I loved seeing Wendy  and Tim get married on the boat at their wedding. You could tell they really loved each other and it was so wonderful to see that!  Their wedding was so fun too that that my Mom later got married on a boat to her husband too!"   It was wonderful to see what a good Mom and Dad Wendy and Tim became to their children and how they weathered the storm of losing their precious little boy.  Tim and Wendy were good friends and I know they had tough times, but they became such a wonderful family together. My mom and I loved seeing the new picture every year that Wendy would send of them at Chirstmas time and what a beautiful family they were. I remember Tim always talking so fondly of Wendy his wife and what a good wife she made him. It was really inspiring to see their love for each other.
He will be missed, but not forgotten and I look forward to seeing him in heaven and if people don't hurry up and vote for Ron Paul, it may be sooner than we think." 
Diana Hay Long Lost Brother May 8, 2012
Tim is my half brother. We had the same biological father, Greg Keryk. I grew up not knowing Tim even existed -- Tim was actually somewhat of my father's secret. My father died when I was 14, and when I was 17, my other half-brother Dan (also of the same father) unexpectedly died. It was then, after Dan's death, during a conversation with his mother Denise, through a slip of her tongue, I discovered I had another half-brother, Timothy. After a conversation with my paternal grandparents I learned that Tim Dodson was a few years my senior, and lived in La Selva Beach. So I looked him up in the phone book and gave him a call. I left a message with a woman who turned out to be his grandmother (and who in fact I later learned raised him like a mother). When Tim got the message he thought I was some girl he met at a party. When we finally connected by phone I told him who I was, and we decided to meet. 

We met at Aptos Coffee Roasting Company at Rancho Del Mar, Aptos. When he walked through the door it was a shock. He looked like, even walked like my father Greg (and I would later discover he even cracked rude jokes like Greg). There was no doubt he was Greg's son. At first I was kind of weary. I had lost my dad, then my brother Dan. I was not sure what was to come of my potential relationship with Tim. But I few years later I started to spend some more time with Tim. At his parents' (grandparents') house in La Selva Beach, I met one of my early boyfriends, Sean Lazar, who was an old time friend of Tim's. Sean and Tim both went to Mount Madonna high school together. Both were big time computer geeks. Through Sean I learned about some of the crazy things Tim did as a teenager. Tim use to call his family "oakies." It was funny that Tim had gone to a super hippie liberal hindu alternative private high school, yet his family were very much the opposite (and Tim himself turned out to be somewhat of a raging independent-conservative-liberatarian-Ron-Paul devotee). I myself being a kind of vegetarian hippie at the time felt a little out of place at his family parties, with meatballs, soda, potato chips, rude jokes by Tim, etc.

Then one day Sean said that Tim was getting married. We went to a pizza place on Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, to meet Tim's soon to be wife, Wendy. At first I was skeptical. The news completely came as a surprise. I had no idea who this Wendy person was. When I finally saw her in person I was surprised. She was a small latina; a stark contrast to Tim, the big white guy. I tried to keep an open mind. By the time their wedding rolled around I was convinced Tim and Wendy had something good together. 

Tim and Wendy ended up moving to Sacramento and after that I kind of lost contact. But I would see them on the Holidays when they would come to the Bay Area. During these meetings I started to see the real good chemistry of their family. Tim and Wendy together were always so funny! I loved being around them! They were so fun. And they had such a good rapport with their kids. I could really see Tim and Wendy were best friends. It was awesome. I even wished I could find something similar for myself. 

Eventually Tim moved to Texas for work, and when he eventually was able to get his whole family there, I was very happy for him. What Tim did not know is that I liked to brag about him. When in California I would tell people about him, and all the good things he was doing. I now live in Iowa, and the people I meet in Iowa I also have told about Tim. I have told them about my cool brother Tim, his awesome family of Wendy and two pairs of identical twin girls, and I like to show them pictures of his family on facebook (I love the family photos with the matching Dodson t-shirts). Unfortunately I never told Tim how proud I was of him. Also, the past couple of years Tim has invited me to come down to Texas to visit him, and I have never made the 12 hour drive down there to meet up with him and his family, and unfortunately this is a trip I never now will be able to make. 

Tim was so funny, so smart, and ultimately such a good person. I was/am extremely proud of him. 
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