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Tim Dodson
Born in California
34 years
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Brandy Dodson Thanksgiving Holiday May 7, 2012
One thing I always loved about Tim was his humor! It could be very crude, but always made you laugh. I remember once when Ray and Dot drove to Florida, they were not going to make it back in time for Thankgsgiving, so I invited him to my grandparents house with Lee and I for the holiday. I only knew Tim for a short time at that point, so I was scared to death that he would say something rude and crude at dinner. To my suprise Tim was a total gentleman and actually even watch Jeopardy with my grandpa. Everyone loved hom. Everyone always loved Tim. It was then that I realized Tim was such a wonderful person.  
Tim, you will forever be in my heart, and I hope for an eternity of happiness. I love you Tim. 
Debbie Mogg When He Was Young May 7, 2012
I was 15 when my sister had Tim.  I was in the delivery room as he made his way into the world.  My sister was so excited that she got off the delivery table and walked out of the delivery room carrying her beautiful little boy.  My parents missed the delivery because the doc told them they had plenty of time.  But even then Tim was impatient and he decided he wanted out sooner. I believe this is a trait he never grew out of :-)  I used to love hauling him around with me.  He was the cutest little boy with his chubby cheeks, beautiful blue eyes and curly hair.  I remember making him his first pair of denim overalls before he was even one.  He was my little side kick and I was more then happy to babysit him. 

One thing I can share about Tim is his humor.  He could make a joke about anything and get a laugh out of anyone.  Of course some of his jokes were rather crude but they still made me laugh.  He was also generous.  If Tim knew you wanted something and it was in his power to get it for you, he would.  Every now and then I would get little surprises in the mail, like a Tivo or something.  And he was also my go-to guy when I had a tech question about my computer.  It was Tim who taught me how to build my first computer and set it up.  I sure learned a lot from him.

I've seen the best and the worst of Tim and nothing he could have ever done would stop me from loving him.  Recently we were exchanging emails and I told him we would be driving home from Nashville at the end of the month and were going to stop by and hang out for a few days before heading to southern California.  He was so excited we were going to come by.  He was always trying to convince all of us from California to move out to Texas.  He loved living in Texas.  I think the main reason he loved it was because he got away from all those damned liberals from

I'm going to miss my nephew very much.  He was more like a brother to me really.  I miss his infectious smile, his striking blue eyes and his humor.  I just miss him.  It is not going to be the same without Tim in our presence making his crude jokes, farting or talking in detail about bodily functions.  He is forever in my heart and I look forward to the day I see him again.  I love you Tim! 
Victoria Rodriguez Wisconin trips May 7, 2012
I will never forget how much fun Tim made our trips to Wisconcin with 20 below weather he managed to warm our hearts with his funny, funny ways. And he help my son to become a mature young man with his partnership in the quickstar business which helped to keep my son out of trouble by becoming a business minded young man.
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